Portfolio manager for Crypto Currencies

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Latest version : 0.6

Portfolio manager for Crypto Currencies

  • Windows XP SP3+
  • .NET Framework 4.0+
This application aims to provide you with a quick view of your porfolio (local, exchanges and pools) and help find profitable exchange routes between currencies.
It does NOT trade for you, it simply shows you possible trade routes.

Getting Started

The Unlock Screen

Using a password is optional. Pick a password and hit enter, or just leave it blank and hit enter.
Using a password encrypts your Exchange API keys in the conf.json file (if you choose to use API keys that is)

API Keys

API keys are optional. Entering the keys through the settings dialog (top of the screen) allows the app to read your coin balances in each API (Cryptsy, MtGox and BTC-e)

The only impact of not using API keys are:
  • BTC-e & MtGox will not have transaction fees or withdraw fees applied
  • Only local balances will be available
  • Transaction steps will all include a step to deposit local coins into the exchange

Adding Local Balances

To add a local balance, open the local balances pane
Then select a coin from the dropdown, enter an amount and hit save

Quick Feature Tour

Quickly View Your Totals

  • See your coins in the fiat currency of your choice (see settings dialog)
  • Double click a line to see the transaction steps

View All Possible Exchange Rates Between Currencies

  • Finds possible exchanges between one or more currencies in one or more wallets, to a single currency
  • Double click a line to see the transaction steps

View Exchange Paths

Includes fees and withdraw/deposits


Finds possible profits to be made from exchange a currency for itself

View Your Totals (include remote wallets and withdraw fees)

If using exchange API keys, will show totals per coin taking into account withdraw fees

Keep track of your totals over time

Keep track of your trades

Cryptsy, BTC-e and MtGox Support for Exchange Rates and Remote Balances